The advantages of Luxroutage

LUXROUTAGE has a lot of experience in e-commerce and thanks to the diversity of our clients, our ability is to adapt ourselves to the needs of the customers. This leads to a perpetual improvement of our services so that we can be for you a partner you can trust :

mr FRWe have negotiated contracts with the best carriers for each destination over the years, to reduce costs and being more efficient.

The goal of LUXROUTAGE is to stay one step ahead, and therefore being one of the first logistic service providers who can offer solutions, using the relay system (in B-to-C, about 30% of internet customers prefer this option if they are given the opportunity to chose)

We care about improving the quality of our business giving you the opportunity to monitor the treatment of your order in real-time and we check your inventory due to a scanning system. (Using a barcode on your products and on your invoices for better traceability):

To optimize our job, we adapt our warehouses to the volume of your goods and to the specificity of your products :

Our dynamic team, you can count on every day, is there to ensure the tracking of your orders. The team takes care of :

Sending to you your tracking-numbers
The processing of your return goods.
If there might be some complains (proof of delivery, package pick up...)

We speak English, French, German, Luxembourgish, Italian, Portuguese and Swedish